Chinese Culture and Community Service Center

Education Division

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Provide educational programs and services to promote Chinese heritage and cross cultural understanding. 




Our Programs

CLAPS (Cultural Language Arts Programs and Services) Chinese School
The CCACC CLAPS Chinese school is a Chinese school that offers classes for children and adults of all ages to learn Mandarin Chinese, and to learn about Chinese culture. Click for more details.

After-School Enrichment Program
The CCACC After-School Enrichment Program is designed for elementary school students (K-5). Students learn Mandarin Chinese and cultural arts in a semi-immersive environment, and also complete their regular school work in a supervised and safe building. Pick-up transportation from schools offered. Click for more details.

Adult ESOL Program*
The CCACC Adult English Literacy Program, also known as CCACC Adult ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages), provides basic English language and life skills instruction to county residents whose native language is not English. Levels begin with basic literacy through conversation. Citizenship classes also offered. Click for more details.
*CCACC Adult ESOL Program is funded and supported by Montgomery Coalition for Adult English Literacy (MCAEL)



Division Director: Chiao-Chiao Liu (