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CCACC provides a variety of services in the community to serve children, seniors, the low-income, non-native English speakers, and anyone who is in need of assistance. We offer educational, healthcare, senior, and recreational services to all community members.

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Serving the Community for 37 Years


The two week long Lunar New Year celebration in Lakeforest Mall, Gaithersburg, Maryland that had been staged every year for the past ten years or so is supper. It contains stage performances of music and dance as well as exhibitions of Chinese paintings, calligraphy, photography, Bonsai, other handicrafts and a theme exhibition that changes every year. It includes activities that invite everyone to participate. It really brought arts and etertaiments to the community and let people learn more about Chinese culture.
— kkan
I joined this center for many years, and they have pretty good program. I learned calligraphy and Chinese painting here, enjoying many wonderful days.
— Alice Cai

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