Chinese Culture and Community Service Center

CCACC Membership

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Join CCACC to support what we do while also enjoying exclusive benefits!


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Simply show your CCACC Member ID to enjoy discounts at local restaurants that are sponsoring CCACC.
*CCACC is currently in the process of negotiating with local business and restaurants to offer deals for CCACC members. Due to COVID-19 this process may be delayed, please be patient as CCACC works on updating the list.
**List of businesses and restaurants who are partnering with CCACC are subject to change.


CCACC offers a variety of clubs, from martial arts to dance to chorus to calligraphy, limited only to members. These clubs provide a space for members to develop their hobbies, meet new people, and workout to strengthen their minds and body.

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Volleyball Clinic

CCACC's renowned Volleyball Clinics and Summer Camps are led by Olympic Gold Medalist Xiaolan Zhou.

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Membership Fees

CCACC offers an annual membership valid from August 1st to July 31st of the following year.
We have the following memberships:

Regular Member - ages 18-59, individual, $25/year
Regular Family Member - ages 18-59 (both spouses), includes dependents under 18 years of age, $40/year
Senior Member - ages 60 and up, individual, $10/year
Senior Family Member - ages 60 and up (one or both spouses), includes dependents under 18 years of age, $20/year
Supporting Member - $60/year
Honorary Member - $100/year

*If you join CCACC's membership between January 1-May 31 there is a 50% prorated membership fee.
**If you join CCACC's membership between June 1-July 31 membership will count towards the following year.
***The 50% prorated membership fee is only for new members。


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