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Toastmasters Club

On May 26, 2012, the CCACC Toastmasters Club celebrated its Chartering Ceremony at the CCACC Headquarter in Gaithersburg, MD.  The club was proud to have Toastmasters Governors to attend.

Barry Piatt                 District 36 Governor, Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) 
Mike Rilee                 Lieutenant Governor Education & Training, District Governor Elect, DTM
Scott Meyer               Lieutenant Governor Marketing, District 36 Toastmasters, DTM
Shona Bramble         Division E Governor, DTM
Fritzie Leroy              Division E Governor Elect, Competent Communicator, Advanced Leader Bronze
Yining Xie                  Division D Governor, DTM

Hui Li                         Area 55 Governor, Competent Communicator, Advanced Leader Bronze,                                                 Sponsor of CCACC Toastmasters Club
Homer Chen             Past Division C Governor, DTM, Co-sponsor of CCACC Toastmasters Club

It was a very productive ceremony.  Governor Barry Piatt offered an inspirational speech and presented the Toastmaster Certificates to our chartering members.  He also presented each of our club officers a “Be the Spark” pin to recognize their contributions to the CCACC club.

Right after the Chartering Ceremony, our club held the first meeting.  It was a privilege that Governors Barry Piatt, Mike Rilee, Scott Meyer and Shona Bramble took the role of evaluator for the four speakers and Fritzie Leroy the Grammarian.  The club members benefited tremendously because the Governors were very knowledgeable and they gave valuable evaluations and comments on grammar.

In CCACC Toastmasters Club, by participating and practicing, we help each other to learn and grow.  We are constantly looking for improvements on communication and leadership skills.  We are a great team and we strive for excellence.
                                                                                                 - Noted by Ping K. Wu

 Contact: Hui Li
Tel: 240-643-1634

CCACC Toastmasters Club President and the Honorable Guests
1. Ping K. Wu, 2. Barry Piatt, 3. Mike Rilee, 4. Scott Meyer, 5. Shona Bramble, 6. Fritzie Leroy, 7. Yining Xie, 8. Hui Li (left to right)

CCACC Toastmasters Club Members
1. Wei Li, 2. Barry Piatt, 3. Ping K. Wu, 4. Rosemary Que, 5. Mei-Chin Chen, 6. Chungchi Yao 7. Li Jia, 8.  Danny Wei  (left to right)

Chartering Member Certificate Presentation