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CCACC Line Dance Class

Line dance is a group dance that can be enjoyed without partner. The CCACC Line Dance Class has been supported by CCACC since her establishment in September, 2011.

Welcome free trials for new friends who are interested in line dance at CCACC. Please contact Teacher Liang at 410-624-6815 or go directly to CCACC during class hours.

When:   1. Beginner Class                  Thursday  7:30 pm -  9:30 pm

              2. Improver Class                  Tuesday   7:30 pm -  9:30 pm

              3. Intermediate Class             Sunday    4:00 pm -  6:00 pm 

Where:  CCACC Headquarters, Lounge 109 
              9366 Gaither Road, Gaithersburg, MD 20877

Fee:  (10 lessons per session, 2 Hours per lesson), with CCACC membership 
1. Whole session---

$40/person, $5.00/person for drop-in 1 lesson

2. Drop in

$60/couple, $8.00/couple for drop-in 1 lesson