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 Zhi Nan Chi Kung


Zhi Nan Chi Kung is one of the two chi kung schools approved by Chinese government. It was founded by Master Pang Hemin who is a medical doctor trained by both western and traditional Chinese medicine. He is also interesting in Chinese martial arts. Based on his experience in practicing these martial arts for several decades and his knowledge in Chinese traditional medicine, he developed a set of exercises that will enhance one’s immune system and help delay aging. Every movement in Zhi Nan Chi Kung aims to enhance one part of our body. It emphasizes on physical movement, differing from those promote meditation. Its advantages are easy to learn and to practice.

Zhi Nan Chi Kung has a learning center located at Qinhuangdao, Hebei province, China and also maintains a web site, . Zhi Nan Chi Kung Club of the Washington, D.C. area was founded in 1995

The Instructor:

Our instructor is Ms. Angela Kwok who has practiced Zhi Nan Chi Kung for years.  She suffered severe back pain due to a car accident and a fall at her childhood more than ten years ago.  She was reluctant to accept the doctor’s recommendation for a back surgery.  She turned to traditional Chinese medicine.  However, the situation was not improved.  Someone she knew started to teach her Zhi Nan Chi Kung.  After practicing for two months, she felt improvement.  She continued practicing.  Two years later, not only her back pain disappeared, but also other modern problems, such as sleep disorder, gastralgia, and neurasthenia, disappeared too.  She then went to Qinhuangdao learning center to study and received a certificate for senior instructor and Chinese herb doctor.  She returned to DC and continues to teach Zhi Nan Chi Kung.


Our class meets every Friday night from 7:30 to 10:00 pm at Rm. 104, Walter Johnson High School.  Each term lasts about three months.


$50 for CCACC member and $60 for non-member.

Points of Contacts:

Ann Hsu          301-754-1269
Chun Mei Liu 703-846-9628
Angela Kwok 301-330-1045