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Yuan-Chi Dance Class

The CCACC Yuan-Chi Dance Class is an exercise class for the Society of Yuan-Chi Studies of Metropolitan Washington. There are two classes in the area: the CCACC Yuan-chi class at Tilden Middle School in Rockville was founded in June 1998, and the Evergreen Yuan-Chi class in Germantown began in February 1999. Both classes have experienced rapid growths. At present, the two classes have a combined participants of more than 60 students.
The Society of Yuan-Chi Studies in the Washington area, under the leadership of Ms. Sung-Chao Li, has grown into a strong and mature civic organization over the years, continually attracting new members and elevating the skill level of existing members. In 2001, Ms. Li traveled at her own expense to study the unique Kang-Fu Dance "Spring Everywhere on Earth". After she mastered the dance and returned to Washington, she first taught the dance to the area Yuan-Chi instructors in May 2001. Since September of 2001, she has given step-by-step instructions to students of the class. Everyone in the class appreciates and values the weekly practice. The class has now completed the four preliminary sections of the dance—"Early Budding of the Golden Lotus", "Golden Lotus in Full Bloom" , "Welcoming the Spring and Receiving Blessings", and "Spring Returns to Earth", and the final "Spring Everywhere on Earth". Everyone in class is thoroughly engrossed in the elegant steps and body movements.
During the past year, the Yuan-Chi class participated in many community activities, including:
  • Lectured on the Qi Exercise by Professor Bing-yao Sun of Shantong University, and demonstrated “Da-Yan Gong” during the lecture;
  • Celebrated the third anniversary of the Washington Yuan-chi Class, joined by eight branch societies on the East Coast and their dance groups, with nearly 100 participants;
  • Performed, at the invitation of a Natives Brotherhood Association, the fourth section of "Spring Returns to Earth" and "We All Belong to A Big Family";
  • Opened a new beginners’ class at the Evergreen Club, with Ms. Shirley Tao in charge;
  • Performed at a social gathering of the Huang-Pu Military Academy Alumni Association;
  • Demonstrated of the cancer-preventive Universe Exercise by Shirley Tao and Yuan Lin;
  • Performed of the Yuan-Chi Dance Section Four "Spring Returns to Earth", at the Chinese New Year Celebration at Lakeforest Mall.
In addition, in early 2001 the Yuan-Chi Society produced a video tape for the instruction of the Yuan-Chi dance from Section 1 to Section 4. The tape was demonstrated by Sung-Chao Li, Xiu-Zi Li, Shao-Rong Liang, and Shuang-Zhu Chen.
Students in the Yuan-Chi Dance Class include adults in their prime years, middle-aged persons, as well as senior citizens, some of whom are over 80 years of age. At group practice sessions, the class is always filled with the air of cheerful togetherness and a sense of achievement.
Date/Time:  Saturdays, 4-6 pm
Location:  CCACC Headquarters, Room 109
Contact person:  Shirley Tao at 301-881-5356 or