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Chinese Culture & Art League (CCAL)

The Chinese Culture and Art League (CCAL) is a non-profit organization registered in District of Columbia, which was established in January 2010 by a group of devoted Chinese artists in Great Washington metropolitan community, whose mission is to bring Chinese culture and arts to the West and to promote cultural exchange between China and the United States. Our aim is to make people with different culture background more understand each other so as to break down the culture barrier, and turn civilization conflict into peace living in hormoney with culture diversity. CCAL welcome all artists who are interested in Chinese culture and art to join us. Working together we can make a better world.

Since January 2010, CCAL has held a number of successful Art exhibitions and Art exchanges with China. In spring 2011, 10 Artists from Greater Washinton D.C area had two Art exhibitions at Provincial Museum in An Hui, China and Wu Dongkui Museum in Beijing, China; In December 2011, 16 CCAL members had an Art exhibition at CCACC and had an Art exchange with members came from Provincial  Calligraphy Association of  An Hui, China; In February 2012, CCAL held an exhibition of Chinese painting and calligraphy in Lake Forest Mall in Maryland; In March 2012, CCAL will invites artists in Anhui Province come to have an Art exhibition at CCACC, and have an Art exchange with local Artists. In addition to hold exhibitions, CCAL members get together to practice drawing and painting every Sunday. And some time organizes seminars like mounting Chinese paintings.

Contact: Ming Ming Cheung
Phone: 301-755-7582