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Art Club of Chinese Painting & Calligraphy

Established and headed by volunteer instructor Kit-Keung Kan (靳杰强), the classes treat the fundamentals and advanced techniques in the art of Chinese calligraphy and landscape paintings. In calligraphy, all of the five major scripts, i.e. the seal (篆), scribe (隸), cursive (草), standard (楷) and semi-cursive (行) scripts, are studied depending on the interests and proficiency of the students. In landscape painting, Mr. Kan shares the instruction with another noted painter, Freda Lee-McCann. They lead the club to study techniques of old masters. In the past, the club studied paintings by范寬、郭熙、夏圭、吳鎮、黃公望、石濤、龔賢, etc. The instructors also conduct outdoor sketch sessions after the students grasped the basic techniques. Artistic development of individual students is emphasized. 

There are two calligraphy sessions and one landscape painting session each year, with the sessions alternating with each other. The length of the painting session contains ten periods and each period lasts three hours. The two calligraphy sessions are A and B sessions. The A session is for standard script, while the B session is the other scripts. Both sessions contain seven periods and each period lasts three hours. The club shows the members’ work in CCACC annual meeting every year and arranges public exhibitions once in a few years.
Date/Time:  Saturday, 2:00–5:00 pm
Location: Rooms 142 and 144 at CCACC Headquarters (9366 Gaither Road, Gaithersburg, MD 20877)
Membership: Open to members of CCACC only, subject to the availability of space in the classroom.
Fee: $70 for the ten-period painting session and $ 60 for each of the seven-period sessions.
Contact person: Nellie Chao (梁耐妮) at 301-897-5408 or
Works by Instructors

Painting by Instructor Kit-Keung Kan

Painting by Instructor Kit-Keung Kan

Painting by Instructor Freda Lee-McCann, Rain and Mist

Please visit the instructors Kit-Keung Kan's website and Freda Lee-McCan's website

Works by members

 Calligraphy by Nellie Chao                                      Calligraphy by Wei Xiao

Painting by Helen Ling                        Painting by Frances Luk

Painting by Que Van                                                           Painting by Pinghsiang Chen

Painting by Richard Kaufman                              Calligraphy by Alexandria Hou

Painting by Yui-Keung Kan                         Calligraphy by Ann Wong

Painting by Yuen-Han Kan                                                  Painting by Diana Wang
Painting by Suet Man                                           Calligraphy by Anastasia Hou

Calligraphy by Jiamo Lu                     Painting by Chanwei Jian


Painting by Joanne Dai                               Painting by Anita Kuo